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Elf Watercastle goes to sea
by Gina Lomarto, Mario Lomarto

Lomart Publisher | December 5, 2013 | eBook
ISBN: ISBN 978-963-9632-27-1

Written by Gina Lomarto
Illustrated by Mario Lomarto

Language: english
Translated by Ágnes Urbán

In the first episode of the tale series Elf Watercastle decides to live at sea and builds his ship. He welcomes Father Crab as his helmsman who served at the Crab Navy as a captain for half a century, later on two playful seahorses join the crew. They have exciting adventures together, sailing all the seas and oceans of the world.

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 Sample pictures from eBook

Once upon a time there was an Elf who loved water. He loved water so much that he would sit in his tiny bathtub all day long. He would eat and even sleep there. But it was rather uncomfortable, so finally he got bored with spending the whole day in the bathroom.


That was when he decided to live at sea.


He put on sails and a helm. He set sail to the sea. He did well but while he was busy with adjusting the sails, the ship kept turning around since there was no one who would pilot it. 

When he was standing by the helm, the ship would not take speed since there was nobody adjusting the sails. The ship did not make any progress, the nice cork castle would just quirk around on the water.


- Not mounted properly? How come? - asked Elf Watercastle in surprise. - Until now I sailed the ship all right with it.

- Well, my friend, it does not look in the right direction. Facing forward you cannot sail the ship. - said Father Crab wisely, then he sagely walked over to the other side of the helm. It was late in the evening when he got there.

- This way. Back to the engine. This is how you can sail properly! - he said contentedly. He leaned his paunch against the helm's stand and looked at the distant waves in admiration.



They pulled hard and set off. Flirting fast with their tiny flippers they quickly launched the small cork castle and they were just gliding on the sea. Father Crab really had to hold on to the helm, back to the engine, so that he does not fall. 

Elf Watercastle also held the match-stick mast tight, not to fall down. And the tiny castle pulled by seahorses glided through the water swiftly and it disappeared among the waves.


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